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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Fiber-Optic Internet?

In this digital age, where everything is connected online, it is essential for businesses to have access to a good internet connection. A stable and high-speed internet connection is necessary for businesses to operate and enjoy high productivity and growth. The fiber-optic the internet has revolutionized the connectivity and digital landscape.

The copper cable internet networking is old and is slowly being replaced by structured fiber-optic cabling. One reason behind the increased popularity of fiber-optic is that it allows for a very high-speed internet connection with over 100 Gb per second. This impressive feature has made it very attractive for businesses, as most companies have already upgraded to fiber-optic.

Total Cost of Installing a Fiber-Optic Internet

Fiber-optic features like high speed and greater reliability make it the most promising and best internet available in the market. But the question is, how much does it cost to get a fiber-optic internet for your business?

When it comes to fiber-optic cables, the cost of a single fiber is around $1 to $6 per foot. This cost also varies depending upon the material used and type of the fiber. The cost also relies on the number of fiber count you opt for depending upon the required speed. For example, $1 is for about 24 fiber count, and $6 is for about 300 counts.

However, when it comes to estimating the installation costs, things get a little tricky. Typically, the price of fiber-optic internet connection is around $100 - $5,000, but the installation costs may vary because it depends upon different factors. Some of the most factors that may affect the installation cost of fiber-optic in your office/ home are discussed below.

Factors Affecting Fiber-Optic Internet Installation Prices

The following are some of the factors that may affect the installation cost of fiber-optic internet connection at your office:

  1. What is the distance between your office/ home and the nearest fiber-optic cable?

The number one factor that has a significant impact on your fiber-optic installation cost is your distance from the nearest fiber-optic cable. The farther you are from the cable, the more will be the cost because the fiber will need to cover a great distance.

However, if your building is already fiber-lit, then your price will drop as the fiber will not have to cover that much distance. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting fiber-optic internet for your office, then consult fiber optic cable Dubai  to check if your building is fiber-lit or not and get the best prices.

2. Does your building already have an existing fiber structure?

    As discussed above, if your building already has a fiber-optic setup, then your installation price will be significantly lower as you can use the existing fiber-optic structured cable network. It will make it easier for you to set up additional lines for your internet within your office building infrastructure.

    3. Are there any physical obstacles in the way?

      Another most important factor that may affect the price of the installation of fiber-optic internet is any form of physical obstacle that comes in the way of wiring. This depends upon the distance that the fiber cable needs to cover to bring connection directly to your building. These physical obstacles can be rivers, graveyards, buildings, highways, etc.

      In the presence of these obstacles, the installation work will increase, resulting in higher costs. Thus if your office building lacks easy access, then your installation cost will be higher.

      4. What is the floor area of your office?

        Another important factor affecting the price of fiber-optic connection is the total area of your office that the fiber cable will need to cover. Hence, the larger the office, the higher the cost. As discussed above, the cost of fiber is measured by per feet, so, when calculating the total length of fiber-optic cable, you need to include all the rooms with access points, and distance between floors.

        Therefore, if you are looking for more access points, you will see a higher fiber-optic installation cost. Similarly, if there are obstacles around the access points in your building, it will significantly increase the price. So, before approaching a fiber-optic company, make sure to scale your office space and access points for accurate cost estimation.

        Get Your Fiber-Optic Internet Today!

        These are some of the factors that may affect your overall fiber-optic installation cost. If you want the best fiber-optic connection or have any concerns regarding installation at your office, you should consider consulting fiber-optic cable Dubai based experts for all your options. Fiber-optic is the best internet available in the market, which requires less maintenance as compared to copper cables because it is more reliable and resistant to corrosion and other electromagnetic interferences.

        The onetime cost of fiber-optic is higher than any other network, but you will be saving money in the long run. So, get your fiber-optic connection today!