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All you need to know before IELTS exam

Many students are in search of better options and to avail opportunities that are in favor of them, they have to work a bit hard. Those students who are interested in studying abroad must appear in the IELTS exam.

Most of the international universities demand IELTS results with the submission of the university application. There are certain universities that have given the exemption on IELTS under certain circumstances, but most of the university requirements are IELTS.

Many people sit in IELTS exams because they want to apply for jobs abroad and for this purpose they have to go for IELTS general training test. This test has certain sections that are different from the Academic test. The top education consultants in Pakistan will help you get a better understanding of these two types of tests and when to attempt these tests.

Here in this article, we will focus on the tips to remember for academic test and what are the ideal band scores to get admission.

Tips to attempt listening section

In this section, the student will get to listen to a recording. There are three different recordings in each section. The student has to listen to the recordings and answer the questions given. These questions are from the recordings themselves.

The question types are different in each section. The most common type of questions asked in the listening section is filling in the blanks, choosing the correct options, and completing the map.

Remember that the recordings will be played only once and students should write the answers as they listen to the recordings. Students will be given a certain amount of time to read the questions and then the audio will be played.

The time required to complete this section is one hour and this one hour is divided among the three sub-sections. Once the student is done with writing the answers, ten minutes will be given to copy the answers on the answer sheet.

One important tip to remember for this section is to write the answers as you listen to the audio do not wait to write the answers in the end. You will not possibly remember all of the answers and you are not allowed to replay the audio.

Tips to attempt the reading section

Like the listening section, the IELTS reading section is also given a time period of one hour. The number of questions in this section is forty. The total subsections are three and have a different time span to attempt these sections but collectively the time needed is one hour.

One of the important tip for attempting this section is to build a strategy because you will encounter different types of questions and each type of question need a different strategy.

Developing a strategy will help you manage time and time management is the key to success in the IELTS exam.

Tips to attempt writing section

The writing section comprises two tasks the first task is to be completed in a time span of 20 minutes. You will be given a graph, pie chart, map, etc. on which you have to write a report. Make sure to cover all the points in your report with at least 150 words.

The second task is given 40 minutes of time and is essay writing, the examiner will ask you about the advantages, disadvantages, and your opinion on the given statement. Write at least 250 words to pen down your ideas on the given topic.

What is a speaking test in IELTS?

In this section, the examiner will ask you about yourself and a few other things. Including your experiences on a picnic, on a visit to a place, or on your favorite movie.

Don’t take long pauses while speaking and stick to the ideas do not share irrelevant ideas the examiner will deduct your marks.

Make good use of vocabulary and better pronunciation of the words. Be confident while you speak and be vocal.

The Ideal score in IELTS

If we talk about the Ideal score then the overall band score of 7 or greater than 7 is ideal. A band score above will give confidence to the applicant that there are greater chances of getting the admission than the one whose band score is a little less.

But this does not mean that a student with a higher IELTS band score will be selected for a university even if other requirements are not fulfilled. Universities consider other necessary documents while giving admissions to the students such as the motivational letter, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and work experience of the applicant.

Each university has its own required IELTS score it depends on the student’s research about the university. Students applying for admission must know the overall score requirement and then set in the exam with the aim to achieve that specified band score.

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How long does it take to prepare for IELTS?

There is no such defined time period to prepare for IELTS. It depends upon the person's skill set and understanding.

But 3 to 6 weeks are ideal to prepare for a student with an average understanding of the language. But some students have difficulties in understanding the language so it is necessary for them to start the preparation a bit earlier and for a long period of time in order to achieve band scores that are acceptable by the university and are according to university requirements. You can get a virtual consultancy for study abroad to get a better understanding of what are the university requirements and useful tips to remember while taking the IELTS Exam.

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